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LONDON EYE 4D Production Stills

Some behind the scene photos showing the scale of our production. With mentioning that at the time we filmed the first ever 3D aerials over London, back in the day before drones! We needed to get our bespoke camera rig approved by the CAA and authorised as official aviation equipment. If I recall correctly we flew 5-6 sorties of about 20 mins shooting time each. The technical challenges were incredible. Actually... I may save the details for a blog. Enjoy the photos. 

CARMEN 3D Production Stills

Behind the scenes of our epic collaboration with Royal opera House. First ever opera shot in 3D and first ever 3D opera to hit the cinemas. These are our two technocrats taking a bow. We also had a steadicam on stage and a remote dolly cam. We needed to be up close and on wide focal lengths. As such it took me three months just to plot the camera moves. Something else I'll get around to blogging about. 

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