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  • Julian Napier

Holy Saturday

Updated: May 7, 2019

In preparation of lighting candles with the holy flame during the evening Greek Orthodox Easter service of the Resurrection, young villagers dress in traditional Cretan costume and distribute candles to people of Kritsa, Crete.

Kritsa is a beautiful village in the prefecture of Lasithi, in the north east of Crete

Easter is the most important holy festival of the year for the Greek Orthodox Church and its followers. The miracle of The Resurrection is considered far more significant in respect to His deification, than the birth of Christ.

And whether you're a believer or not, expect to be greeted by old and young alike with the customary salutation "Kali Anastisi" or Good Resurrection. It's a truly magical occasion and heartwarming to see these traditions being kept alive.

Raki, the local tipple, is distilled from fermented grape pulp. It's almost a religion unto itself in these parts, not just a shot of firewater but a panacea of all ailments and even a road safety measure.... my mother used to pour it neat on my road rash to deter me from ever getting back on a motorbike!

What traditional Greek village scene would be complete without a donkey?

Who doesn't love a donkey?

If the costumes and scenery aren't photogenic enough, the narrow streets and high walls create gorgeous patches of natural light.

It's like stepping into a fairytale...

And Rapunzel's still waiting!

Kali Anastisi. Easter blessings from Kritsa.

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